A step-by-step guide on how to download and install TikTok APK on your Android device.

Downloading & Installing TikTok APK: A Complete Guide

TikTok has taken the world by storm with its creative short videos. While the official TikTok app is available on Google Play, many choose to download an alternate APK file directly. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through each step to safely download and install the TikTok APK on your Android device.

Table of Content
  1. Choosing a Trusted Source
  2. Downloading Security Apps
  3. Allowing Installs from Unknown Sources
  4. Locating the TikTok APK
  5. File Download and Location
  6. Uninstalling Older Versions
  7. Scanning with Antivirus
  8. Enabling Install from Unknown Sources
  9. Tapping the Downloaded APK
  10. Reviewing Permissions
  11. Opening the Installed App
  12. Updating Regularly
  13. Monitoring Permissions & Battery Usage
  14. Running Periodic Scans
  15. Securing Linked Accounts
  16. Considering Official Options
  17. Resetting If Needed
  18. Using a VPN

Choosing a Trusted Source

The first key decision is picking a reputable third-party source for the APK file. Some recommended options include:

  • APKMirror.com: Large APK archive from Android developers with security checks
  • Uptodown.com: Tested APKs rated by users with malware scanned regularly
  • APKPure.com: Maintains developer relationships to validate official uploads

These sites have transparency policies and scan files, reducing risks over direct file-sharing sites. Evaluating community reviews on sources helps too before committing to a download.

Downloading Security Apps

For optimal safety, download an antivirus like Malwarebytes or high-rated free scanners from Google Play to conduct regular device scans. A VPN app like ProtonVPN or TunnelBear also adds an extra layer of protection for downloads.

Allowing Installs from Unknown Sources

On your Android device, go to Settings > Security > Install Apps from Unknown Sources and toggle the switch to ON. This lets you install unofficial APKs but consider toggling back after installing TikTok.

Locating the TikTok APK

Search on your chosen site for "TikTok APK" and look for the latest stable release version matching or exceeding your device's Android OS. Click to download the APK, usually around 50-100MB in size.

File Download and Location

The APK will download to your device. Internal storage like Download folder is safer than external SD cards. Ensure sufficient free space is available before installation.

Uninstalling Older Versions

If an older unofficial TikTok version exists, go to Settings > Apps > currently installed TikTok > Uninstall to remove it completely before installing a new APK.

Scanning with Antivirus

After downloading the APK, run a scan with your trusted antivirus before proceeding. Any detection means aborting installation and choosing a different source instead.

Enabling Install from Unknown Sources

Return to Android Settings > Security and ensure Install from Unknown Sources is still toggled ON as required for unofficial APK installation.

Tapping the Downloaded APK

Locate the newly downloaded APK file on your device and tap it to start installation. Select Install when prompted by Android.

Reviewing Permissions

The app will request certain permissions like storage access - review each one carefully and only grant those matching TikTok’s core functions before tapping Install.

Opening the Installed App

After a few moments, the installation completes. You can now find TikTok in your app drawer or home screen and open it to begin using all features normally!

The following sections provide additional precautions to take after installation for your safety and security.

Updating Regularly

Check the TikTok app periodically by entering "Settings" for any new version updates available through the app itself rather than unofficial APK sources. Official security patches are priority.

Monitoring Permissions & Battery Usage

Periodically examine granted app permissions under Settings > Apps > TikTok to ensure nothing suspicious was introduced. Watch for abnormal battery drain as malware indicators too.

Running Periodic Scans

Run regular device antivirus scans from the security apps downloaded earlier to check for any infections from potentially modified APK code during unofficial installations over time.

Securing Linked Accounts

Enable two-factor authentication on any linked email/social accounts as a precaution should malware steal login credentials while keylogging. Extra security layers help curb risks.

Considering Official Options

If issues arise, explore downloading TikTok through its official website as an alternative to unofficial sources which carries reduced risks versus APK mirror sites. The website will deliver a fully verified TikTok file.

Resetting If Needed

In severe infection cases where malware evades scans, consider performing a full factory reset as a last resort to wipe the device completely clean - restoring it to "out-of-box" condition.

Using a VPN

For added online protection, connect to a secure VPN network for all app updates and downloads - especially important on public Wi-Fi hotspots with greater security vulnerabilities. Reputable services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN work well.

By carefully vetting APK sources, scanning files diligently and maintaining ongoing security practices on the device itself and linked accounts, the risks of installing TikTok or other apps through unofficial means can be significantly reduced, though never fully eliminated. Always prioritize official options where available for maximum safety assurance.

With this thorough guide, hopefully you now feel well-informed and equipped to download TikTok APK files more securely onto your Android device while protecting yourself from potential risks along the way. Remember vigilance is key - so stay protected!

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